Monday, April 18, 2011

Wrap: Natibaby Colorado 3.7m

it's my first time having a chance to try a natibaby wrap. this is natibaby colorado, falls under natibaby woven stripes 100% cotton. this belongs to chikleen, one of my mbw buddies. we are having a tt (temp trade). fyi, it's also my first time to write a review on a baby carrier. my first try was outside the house about 30 minutes, i did rucksack backcarry (bc) tibetan tie. i did superman toss to put dd on my back and you know what, dd loved to be tossed. my first wrap try went well and i guess i like wrapping. not really fell in love at first sight try, but i'm a kind of gliding to like wrapping iykwim. what i love most of this wrap, you guess. the colour of course! it's a tri-colour stripe consists of red, yellow and ORANGE! to chikleen, if you read this, i would like to place a dibs! tehehehehehe... in addition, this wrap is supportive imo. never tried other wrap before but will do comparison if i have the chance to try other(s). the thickness is so-so, not too thin or either not too thick. i can tolerate the heat so far (as i mentioned, i only wore more or less half an hour). in short, i love the wrap! thanks chikleen.