Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Want to Win Babywearing Gears for Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL!

In conjunction with the Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL, the organizer is organizing a contest on babywearing – my current passion! Well, I am proud to say that I am a passionate babywearer! Both cloth diapering and babywearing is very synonymous to natural parenting. For the first time, I am joining the giveaway. You can view the details of the contest here.

Here goes my entry:

What is my dream carrier?
It must be an SSC (soft structured carrier).

Why I choose SSC and why is it important to me?
  • Safety: Provides safety to my baby. Wearing my baby is the best thing to do when no one is around to look after him/her while I am busy doing house chore or especially when we are travelling. Letting a small child to walk on his/her own is exposing him/her to unwanted incident i.e. falling down, hit by vehicle or even worst; kidnapped.
  • Bonding: Babywearing generally is meant to establish bonding between parent and the child. The closer the baby to the parent, the tighter the relationship would be.
  • Two-shoulder carrier: I need a two-shoulder carrier which is able to spread my baby’s weight evenly between the two shoulders. Hence it won’t put pressure to any single shoulder.
  • Health: As a mother who suffers from post pregnancy back strain prolongs illness, an SSC will not worsen my problem. It allows me to enjoy babywearing like most mothers should.
  • Ergonomic: It is designed to sit my baby in an ergonomic position a baby should i.e. M-position where the legs are supported until below the knee. My baby’s leg will not be dangling or hanging on without any rest.
  • Easy to wear: An SSC is installed with buckles. Hence no more threading and tying. All I need to do is cinch the strap and fasten the buckles and I am good to go.
  • Easy storage: SSC can be folded compactly and neatly. It does not need a big storage area.
  • Sharing: My husband and I can share it as he did not master any other carrier other than SSC. Hence, he can show his support to babywearing too.
  • Versatile: Babywearing in an SSC is the most versatile trend for a modern parent who applies natural parenting as a way of life.

This is my own dream SSC design:
  1. Standard size/length minimum curve shoulder strap.
  2. Standard size/length minimum curve 3-piece waist strap.
  3. 15.5” H x 16” W of body panel.
  4. 2.5” H curve headrest – solid colour with name embroidery.
  5. Solarveil in the middle of body panel – white colour.
  6. Minimal seat dart to provide comfy seating.
  7. Fabric chest strap.
  8. Webbing keeper.
  9. Cushy padded both shoulder and waist strap.
  10. Webbing from fabric to ensure only fabric touches my tender baby’s skin.
  11. Detachable hoodie hood from Solarveil to ensure air circulation.
  12. High quality buckles.

Print / colour:

Straps: Deep orange – my favourite colour.
Print: Alexander Henry Orange Lou Lou.
Solarveil: White.

Which prize I wish to win from this contest?
The Stork from

Why I want to win this?
  • Definitely because it is an SSC!
  • It is my way of supporting local made product.
  • To encourage more Malaysian mothers to initiate baby carrier business.
  • I want to feel how comfy of Snuggbaby products.
  • I want to prove that local made product is as good as imported brand.
  • I can promote babywearing to my family, friends and the society.
  • At the same time, I can promote Snuggbaby products.
  • Snuggbaby is carefully designed with safety as its priority and sewn with love.
  • I love Snuggbaby’s creative and trendy hand-works creation.

With this I ended my contest entry. I wish I could win the prize. Wish me luck!

Do join the Great CD Change KL which is happening on earth day to show our support of Green & Healthy living and visit the bazaar; GCDC's Eco & Health Friendly Sales Bazaar. Both will be happening on 23rd April 2011. For more info, please click on the link above.


  1. All the best ruby..
    You definitely stand a chance to win!!

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