Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to Dhia

(Picture from Google)
Ummi is speechless. So mellow. Ummi just want to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Dhia. (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Won A Contest \\o// at Suri's Cupcakes

End of last month, a friend of mine, Suriati owner of was organizing a contest to guess what is the next/new product or project at Suri's Cupcakes. There's neither entry required nor any other rules. Contestant only need to guess/answer at the comment part of the entry. And the best part was you may guess how many time/answer you wish. Details of the contest here.

So I went guessing 2 times. Lucky me, I got the answer correct. Yay!! The prize is 16pcs of cupcakes from Suri Cupcakes. The winner announcement here. The winning answer is "Pop Cakes".

Sharing pictures of cupcakes from Suri's Cupcakes - for your eye candy.

Suri's Cupcakes also offers Apam Dotted.

Have not redeem the prize but I am thinking of adding the 16pcs cuppies to my order for Dhia's birthday at the end of this month. Thanks Suri's Cupcakes!

If you interested to order what Suri has to offer. Do check the blog.

NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fund Raising Giveaway

Organizer: NinazCakes
Closing: 15th July 2011
Purpose: To raise medical fund for Nina's college-mate who is suffering from MRSA infection. You can read the whole story here.

Assalamualaikum Syahr El,
Allah will not test his servants for what  they cannot cope with. You are one strong person who I know will always be a fighter, who fights for your happiness & success. Reading your story from Nina, made me realize and grateful for everything Allah granted me. Be patient, be strong. We are here to support you morally with our doa'. I wish everything will be great for you one sweet day. There is sunshine waiting for you at the end of the journey. Allah is always by your side. Your strength inspired me to be a better person. Thanks Syahr El.


Dear readers,
It is not just a giveaway, it is the doa' which is more important and meaningful to Syahr El Aziz. Allah bless you.

Bye-Bye Coverall & Safety Boots

Been wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to work since 2 years and 2 weeks ago. Now it is the time I bid farewell to those PPE as well as the workshop and colleagues where & who I started work with in the company. It has been a great time where I gained as much knowledge and experience.

I was pleased & honoured when my colleagues arranged a farewell makan-makan for me last Friday. It is not that I am leaving the company, I am just moving to a new place (in the same company). Obviously we can still see & chit-chat with each other once in a while.

Oh yes, in conjunction with that, we also celebrated our supervisor's birthday which fell on last Thursday.

A simple but memorable makan-makan

2 cakes: 1 for boss, 1 for me

Oppss...boss is 54 but born in the year 1957...

Yam is for me..

Left: Team Lead, Right: Supervisor

God bless you, boss!

No more coverall on last day =)

A few was not around.
So now, sitting next to BIG BOSS, no more coverall just formal office attire. *sigh* I hate to do ironing in the morning, to think of what to wear & to mix and match - not so me. But, in the other hand, carrier development is good for everyone!

p/s: tulisan ini merah sebab coverall yang merah itew. jgn mare!

16 days to go...

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nasi Ayam Tak Berapa Nak Penyet :p

Menu untuk sungkai (berbuka puasa) petang semalam. Sedap hingga menjilat pinggan. Tambah-tambah lagi kalau makan time panas-panas. *PENGSAN* Sebenarnya semalam I have no idea of what to cook. Then I remembered there were chicken drumsticks in the fridge. So datanglah idea untuk masak nasi ayam penyet yang tak berapa nak penyet ni. Sedap dan sihat. Tengoklah ulam-ulaman tu. Jom tengok resepi yang senang ni. Saja lah buat entri ni supaya aku inda lupa. Sebab main hentam buta saja masak semalam.

Bahan untuk ayam:
5 drumstick
6 ulas bawang putih*
3 ulas bawang merah (bawang kecil)*
1 inci halia*
2 batang serai*
3 sudu makan serbuk kari babas
3 sudu makan sos tiram
2 sudu makan kicap cair
1 sudu kecil gula
garam & perasa secukupnya

Bahan untuk nasi:
4 cup beras
2 sudu besar majerin
1 inci halia
3 ulas bawang putih
bunga lawang
kulit kayu manis
buah pelaga

Bahan untuk sambal:
1 biji tomato
10 tangkai cili padi
3 ulas bawang putih
3 sudu besar cuka
1 inci belacan
1 sudu makan gula
garam jika suka

Bahan untuk sup:
bunga lawang
kulit kayu manis
buah pelaga
2 ulas bawang merah (bawang kecil)
1 inci halia
garam & perasa secukupnya
lada sulah

5 batang bendi
5 batang kacang panjang
3 inci timun
1 papan tempe

Daun sup
Daun bawang

1. Bersihkan ayam dan rebus dengan air yang banyak. Masukkan hirisan bawang putih dan sedikit garam. Air rebusan ayam ni akan digunakan untuk memasak nasi dan sup. Biarkan ayam mendidih dan masak.
2. Bersihkan beras dan masukkan dalam periuk. Hiris-hiris halia dan bawang putih serta cuci rempah tumisan tadi.
3. Toskan ayam apabila sudah masak. Air rebusan tadi biar dalam periuk.
4. Cairkan majerin di dalam kuali. Tumiskan rempah tadi dan bawang serta halia sehingga naik bau. Matikan api.
5. Tuangkan air rebusan ayam ke dalam periuk yang berisi beras secukupnya untuk memasak nasi. Tidak perlu tambah air. Kemudian masukkan tumisan majerin bersama-sama bahan tadi. Gaul rata. Masak nasi macam biasa.
6. Tumbuk bahan-bahan bertanda (*) untuk perapan ayam. Kemudian masukkan sos tiram, kicap, kari, gula, garam dan perasa secukupnya. Gaul rata supaya semua ayam terkena bahan perapan. Perap ayam selama mana yang disukai.
7. Sambil perap ayam tu sediakan sup dengan lebihan ari rebusan ayam tadi. Masukkan bahan-bahan untuk sup dan biarkan mendidih. Setelah mendidih matikan lah api. Karang hangus pulak.
8. Mari kita sediakan sambal. Bersihkan tomato, cili dan bawang putih. Hiris kasar untuk dikisar. Masukkan semua bahan-bahan dalam blender dan kisar. Siap.
9. Sekarang bolehlah gorengkan ayam dengan api yang sederhana. Goreng sehingga keperangan. Jangan goreng terlalu lama sebab ayam sudah masak semasa merebus tadi. Angkat ayam setelah masak. Bahan perapan tadi simpan untuk menggoreng tempe pulak.
10. Masak air sehingga mendidih untuk celurkan ulam-ulaman tadi. Masukkan secubit garam. Selepas dicelur, terus cuci dengan air biasa untuk kekalkan kehijauannya. Potong ikut citarasa. Timun potong saja tak payahlah celur.
11. Masukkan tempe yang telah dipotong mengikut citarasa anda tadi dalam bahan perapan dan goreng hingga garing.
12. Apabila semua sudah sedia, bolehlah dihidangkan. Kalau suka boleh cincang ayam macam kat kedai tu. hiaskan dengan ulam-ulaman dan tempe serta sambal. Jangan lupa sup yang ditabur dengan daun sup dan daun bawang.
13. Apa lagi makanlah sampai pengsan.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

NinazCakes Red Velvet Cuppies at Little Pen

I've been craving for Red Velvet for long. Be it the cake or the cuppy. I just can't resist reading bloggers' entries and review on how delicious it is. Been searching and asking around Labuan for it. But there's no bakery, cake shop or home-bakers who bake it here in Labuan. *Sigh*

Then I found Ninazcakes. The owner is a cyber friend of mine. Guess what? She offered me to be her cuppy tester. She wanted to test how the cuppy will end up if being posted via courier service. Lucky me! Thanks a zillion to Nina for giving me this opportunity to try your cuppy for free! You are just awesome!

Posted: 1st July 2011 (Friday)
Courier: Poslaju Malaysia
From: Kajang, Selangor
Destination: Labuan
Arrived: 4th July 2011 (Monday) @ 1300hrs

Usually Poslaju from Klang Valley area will only take 1 day to arrive Labuan. But because last Saturday was the 1st Saturday of the month, Poslaju was not open. Hence, the cuppies were resting at the Poslaju for two days. I also have no idea what was the parcel when I received a text message from Poslaju asking me to collect as I was away in oversea Brunei last weekend. I can't help myself telling you that I was thrilled to the max. Nina, it was like a surprise to me.

Sharing the pictures.

Un-opened parcel
The cake box
The cake conatiner inside the box
Biz card & special note from Ninazcakes
2 containers of cuppies *homaigod*
1st container with the cream cheese topping
2nd container
I lop U by me
Not artistic enough..LOL

I got 21pcs of cuppies with extra cream cheese topping! Here's my simple review:

2 conatiners full of cuppies and cream cheese in piping bag stacked together and bubble-wrapped two rounds. The conatiners were then put in a box filled with foam. The box was wrapped with 'kertas minyak'. This packing method is perfect to ensure the cuppies were intact. Nina told me that packaging itself added 200gm to the whole weight. It sure cost her sky high.

Try it yourself and you won't regret it. Moist and tender. The cream cheese topping was an added value to it. Made it much much more irresistible. It was still yummylicious after checking-in at Poslaju office for 2 nights.

Again, thanks NinazCakes for the opportunity. To those who don't believe how yummy it is, try place your order at

Now NinazCakes is holding a fund raising for her friend, Syahr El Aziz. Lend your helping hand.

Monday, July 4, 2011

NeezaNeedels Buckle Tie Review

NeezaNeedles Buckle Tie (BT) – Custom Made
Print: Night Owls by Micheal Miller

RM130 (as I provide the fabric)

1st Impression when opening the parcel:
Cantik & cute sangat. :love:  Dah lama mengidam print ni. Workmanship is superb! :nod:

Body Panel: Height: 20” incl. 4” of waist strap. Width: 17”
Strap: 4” wide

Webbing keeper, high-quality buckle, detachable hoodie hood & chest strap (Neeza bg FOC).

My own story:

This BT is my custom. At first I want to order Mei-Tai just to give it a try as I’ve never try one before. Then before I placed the other, Neeza came out with her new products that is BT. Hence, I opted to custom a BT. Takut kalau MT nanti tak terbelit diriku ini. Masa sampai, bukak the parcel and see the BT is quite big for my baby. Then try it, memang betul DD nampak hidung saja. Muehehehehe…  :poke: Memula try backpack style, ok but the strap is tending to slip. After that I tried crossing the strap at my back. Better! Then try back carry, DD did not really like it as she could not arm out & the body panel is too high for her. I carry DD once in public with this BT. She was calm even though she was sinking inside it.

My verdict:

NN BT is great version of an enhanced Mei-Tai. A great substitute for a MT lover who does not favor tying and doing knot. Also, suitable for bigger & taller baby. I suggest 10kg up. Depends on how high your baby is. The lightly padded shoulder strap is an added value to it. But, petite mommies will need to custom for petite strap. As the name told, this BT does not have padded waist. Just a lightly padded one and you can custom a non-padded waist too if you want. Sadly, my baby is still small for the BT. Hence, it is sold to a sweet friend of mine. Maybe I was impatient to see DD grows. :dunno:

End of review. Just my 2cents. Tak berapa pandai ‘mengreview’ sebenarnya. Ini pun hutang lama jugak. Calling for other mamas who have tried NN BT to put up their review in this thread. TIA.  :goodvibes:

SSC Review/Comparison JumpSac (JS) & Snuggbaby (SB)

JumpSac SSC Camo on Black
Snuggbaby SSC Eva Paisley on Khaki
JumpSac Baby Orbit Camo on Black.
Snuggbaby The Stork 2010 Eva Paisley on Khaki.

JS: RM309
SB: RM315
1st Impression when opening the parcel:

Both: Whoaa sangat cantik dan menawan kalbu. Workmanship both superb!

Waktu bukak & telek2:
JS: Sturdy, light & a bit stiff.
SB: Sturdy, light & soft.

Prints & Color:
Both: Suka.
(JS tu beli of course la beli mana yang suka. SB tu menang contest mestilah suka jugak)

Both: Standard. More or less the same.

JS: Webbing keeper, sleeping hood & slip pocket at waist strap.
SB: Webbing keeper, sleeping hood & dust cover (err..scratch head).

Wearing wise:

JS: Great for both FC & BC. FC: Worn DD on hip cause kalau tak mengganggu pandangan. BC: worn DD on waist so as dia tak tenggelam dlm kegelapan SSC tu as the body panel is still quiet high for DD. I cinched the shoulder strap sampai abes to get a good snug which is really comfy. DD’s weight is evenly spread between both shoulders. Thus, giving me no strain at all after long hours babywearing. Talking on heat, still tolerable.
SB: IMHO, great for FC. Same as JS, worn on hip to give mummy clear vision. BC: worn on waist. But because of this SSC is kinda soft, I am not confident wearing DD on my back. I do cinched sampai abis but DD macam bergoyang2 kat belakang (IYKWIM). Tak pandai nak explain. Also, no shoulder strain as the weight is spread evenly. As JS, we both can tolerate the heat.

My own verdict:

I love SSC. SSC is godsend for long trips. JS new version is great and fulfil my needs of a SSC. Sturdy and giving me more confidence. Chewah.  ITOH, the SB is from the 2010 collection not the newly enhanced 2011 The Stork. IMHO, this SB SSC is suitable for smaller/lighter babies as the body panel and straps are soft. But, I think I need to try the new version of SB SSC lah. Want to know how it feels. For both, sleeping hood tak guna pun sebab DD jarang sangat tido kalau di carry sekarang. She loves to see the surrounding and people around.

That is the end of my review. I know I am not good at reviewing. Pardon me. Review ni pun dah lama hutang kat sini. Hope this helps!