Monday, April 25, 2011

Cara Membasuh CD (ini cara saya)

Entri kali ini dalam bahasa Melayu sebagai tanda sokongan penuh saya untuk memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kita dan akan ditulis menggunakan tatabahasa yang sebaik mungkin. Pada kali ini saya akan berkongsi cara-cara membasuh lampin moden (CD). Ini adalah cara yang saya praktikkan, mungkin cara orang lain akan sedikit berbeza dari cara saya. 

1. Bilas CD yg telah digunakan dengan air untuk menghilangkan kesan najis bayi.

CD yang telah dibilas.

2. Masukkan CD ke dalam mesin basuh. Lebih baik gunakan 'laundry bag' untuk mengelakkan kerosakan CD. Saya tidak menggunakan 'laundry bag' disebabkan saya membasuh CD berasingan dari pakaian lain. Gunakan sabun pencuci dengan kadar yang minima.

CD di dalam mesin basuh.

3. Selepas proses menyabun, keringkan CD. Kemudian bilas dengan air biasa tanpa menggunakan sebarang pewangi dan pelembut pakaian. Ini kerana, partikel-partikel halus pewangi atau pelembut ini akan mengganggu kuasa penyerapan 'soaker/insert'.

4. Selesai membilas, keringkan dan jemur dibawah panas matahari untuk pengeringan yang baik.

Beginilah saya menjemur CD.

Ini adalah sebahagian dari CD anak saya. Saya juga menggunakan lampin biasa selain dari CD sebagai tanda saya menyokong cara hidup hijau dan sihat.

Sekian. Semoga entri ini membawa manfaat kepada kita semua.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Alhamdulillah I Won My First Giveaway!!! ^___^

alhamdulillah, praised be to Allah the Almighty. the result for the giveaway has been announced this morning and i won the 1st prize. see the details here. i'm speechless. my first try on GA is a history. to all my babywearer friends, thanks for all your support. the prize is a SSC from here it is:

a friend will be my rep to receive the prize at the event. do join the Great Cloth Diaper Change -KL and visit the bazaar today.

Happy Earth Day, 23rd April 2011 - Saturday

i would love to wish a happy earth day to all of us. let us take brilliant action to save our earth for our own benefits. start 3R - recycle, reuse & reduce. use only natural substance in most of our daily activities. practice natural parenting; breastfeeding, cloth diapering and babywearing. here are my practices for natural living and natural parenting in support of healthy and green living:-
  • breastfeeding (i fully support bf even-though my baby has quit)
  • cloth diapering (to reduce the accumulation of disposable diaper which hard to ravel)
  • babywearing
  • bring own tapau to buy food (to reduce usage of polystyrene)
  • bring own recycle bag to buy groceries (to reduce usage of plastic bag)
  • use cloth pad (for mother's health - will write on this soon)
  • cooked own meal
so peeps, care to share yours? let me know yah! cheers.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Want to Win Babywearing Gears for Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL!

In conjunction with the Great Cloth Diaper Change – KL, the organizer is organizing a contest on babywearing – my current passion! Well, I am proud to say that I am a passionate babywearer! Both cloth diapering and babywearing is very synonymous to natural parenting. For the first time, I am joining the giveaway. You can view the details of the contest here.

Here goes my entry:

What is my dream carrier?
It must be an SSC (soft structured carrier).

Why I choose SSC and why is it important to me?
  • Safety: Provides safety to my baby. Wearing my baby is the best thing to do when no one is around to look after him/her while I am busy doing house chore or especially when we are travelling. Letting a small child to walk on his/her own is exposing him/her to unwanted incident i.e. falling down, hit by vehicle or even worst; kidnapped.
  • Bonding: Babywearing generally is meant to establish bonding between parent and the child. The closer the baby to the parent, the tighter the relationship would be.
  • Two-shoulder carrier: I need a two-shoulder carrier which is able to spread my baby’s weight evenly between the two shoulders. Hence it won’t put pressure to any single shoulder.
  • Health: As a mother who suffers from post pregnancy back strain prolongs illness, an SSC will not worsen my problem. It allows me to enjoy babywearing like most mothers should.
  • Ergonomic: It is designed to sit my baby in an ergonomic position a baby should i.e. M-position where the legs are supported until below the knee. My baby’s leg will not be dangling or hanging on without any rest.
  • Easy to wear: An SSC is installed with buckles. Hence no more threading and tying. All I need to do is cinch the strap and fasten the buckles and I am good to go.
  • Easy storage: SSC can be folded compactly and neatly. It does not need a big storage area.
  • Sharing: My husband and I can share it as he did not master any other carrier other than SSC. Hence, he can show his support to babywearing too.
  • Versatile: Babywearing in an SSC is the most versatile trend for a modern parent who applies natural parenting as a way of life.

This is my own dream SSC design:
  1. Standard size/length minimum curve shoulder strap.
  2. Standard size/length minimum curve 3-piece waist strap.
  3. 15.5” H x 16” W of body panel.
  4. 2.5” H curve headrest – solid colour with name embroidery.
  5. Solarveil in the middle of body panel – white colour.
  6. Minimal seat dart to provide comfy seating.
  7. Fabric chest strap.
  8. Webbing keeper.
  9. Cushy padded both shoulder and waist strap.
  10. Webbing from fabric to ensure only fabric touches my tender baby’s skin.
  11. Detachable hoodie hood from Solarveil to ensure air circulation.
  12. High quality buckles.

Print / colour:

Straps: Deep orange – my favourite colour.
Print: Alexander Henry Orange Lou Lou.
Solarveil: White.

Which prize I wish to win from this contest?
The Stork from

Why I want to win this?
  • Definitely because it is an SSC!
  • It is my way of supporting local made product.
  • To encourage more Malaysian mothers to initiate baby carrier business.
  • I want to feel how comfy of Snuggbaby products.
  • I want to prove that local made product is as good as imported brand.
  • I can promote babywearing to my family, friends and the society.
  • At the same time, I can promote Snuggbaby products.
  • Snuggbaby is carefully designed with safety as its priority and sewn with love.
  • I love Snuggbaby’s creative and trendy hand-works creation.

With this I ended my contest entry. I wish I could win the prize. Wish me luck!

Do join the Great CD Change KL which is happening on earth day to show our support of Green & Healthy living and visit the bazaar; GCDC's Eco & Health Friendly Sales Bazaar. Both will be happening on 23rd April 2011. For more info, please click on the link above.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 9th month birthday Dhia!

it's 21st today. it have been nine month since dhia was born. hmm... how fast time flies, that is how fast dhia grows. i'll miss this moment very soon when i still can babywear her. lots of love to our dearest dhia. ummi & abi pray that you will grow as a 'solehah' daughter.

if you read this one sweet day, here ummi would love to record some of your achievement so far;
  • starts bubbling and mumbling mamamama...babababa...nananana...dadadadada...
  • sits steadily
  • crawls fastly
  • stands by holding onto something
  • turns your head when you name is being  called
  • throw tantrums when ummi or abi leaves you for a while
  • shift things you hold from one hand to another
  • throw things away and pick it up and throw it again
  • waves goodbye
  • eats a lot
  • yet to teeth
  • you are having a fever today but recovering
that's all ummi can recall for this while. will add some more if i do miss anything.

ummi & abi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers / Lampin Kain / Lampin Moden

cloth diaper (cd)! haven't you heard? what's on earth is that? it's a new revolution to the traditional nappy (lampin) which were used by our mother and grands in the pass. it serves like a disposable diapers but can be washed and reused. got the picture so far? there are varities of cd can be chosen in the market lately i.e. pocket cd, AIO, AI2 and etc. be it in solid colour, printed, velcro or snap button. a cd basically comes with a cover and insert or soaker. the cover is made of fleece (a stay-dry soft material which touch the baby skin) and PUL (a waterprfoof material for the outter layer which prevent cd from any leak). the insert/soaker is made from high absorbency material such as microfibre, hemp and bamboo.

how to use? please refer below. it is easy peasy. 

1. insert the soaker into the diaper pocket

2. snap the soaker button (you may notice some cd come with button for the soaker to stay in place)

3. adjust to desired size which suits your baby

4. put on the biodegradable nappy liner (it is to protect the cd from badly soiled if baby do poo)

5. tadaaaa...ready to use

allright peeps, that's it for now. will continue to blog on cd again. for my friends who are curious about it, hope this help (hth). cheers.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing with watermark

waterwark. is it important? yes. it is to protect your ownership of the pictures especially if you upload your photo to blog, social networking websites and so forth. this way, irresponsible people could not steal your picture and use it for their own benefit/profit. a helpful friend of mine suggest to me PhotoScape, a photo editing software and it is free downloading! easy to play with. enjoy some watermarked piccas! ^___^

bye-bye Ergo :-(

bought it from during sales. it was such a great deal! the price was including postage from US to M'sia. had a wonderful time babywearing dhia in this ergo. such a very comfy bw gadget gear. the embroidered body panel makes it such a beauty. wearing dhia feel weightless. i can either wear dhia on the hip or on the waist to sit dhia a bit higher. it helped us a lot when we were travelling. here are some pics of us in our beloved ergo.

but now, ergo already went to a new home with so much love. bye-bye our beloved ergo. hope it will serve the new mama to the fullest!

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Wrap: Natibaby Colorado 3.7m

it's my first time having a chance to try a natibaby wrap. this is natibaby colorado, falls under natibaby woven stripes 100% cotton. this belongs to chikleen, one of my mbw buddies. we are having a tt (temp trade). fyi, it's also my first time to write a review on a baby carrier. my first try was outside the house about 30 minutes, i did rucksack backcarry (bc) tibetan tie. i did superman toss to put dd on my back and you know what, dd loved to be tossed. my first wrap try went well and i guess i like wrapping. not really fell in love at first sight try, but i'm a kind of gliding to like wrapping iykwim. what i love most of this wrap, you guess. the colour of course! it's a tri-colour stripe consists of red, yellow and ORANGE! to chikleen, if you read this, i would like to place a dibs! tehehehehehe... in addition, this wrap is supportive imo. never tried other wrap before but will do comparison if i have the chance to try other(s). the thickness is so-so, not too thin or either not too thick. i can tolerate the heat so far (as i mentioned, i only wore more or less half an hour). in short, i love the wrap! thanks chikleen.

Friday, April 15, 2011

MBW new forum

malaysian babywearers (MBW) will be launching the new forum soon! for you who are yet to be one of the members, we are pleased to have you joining us. this forum is super beneficial for us parents or parents to be. there are babywearing discussion as well as general parenting discussion. if you have any doubt on anything babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering or etc, you will find subject matter expert to give advice and consultation. so why wait? do not be hesitate, register yourself now!

here's the link:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

OK let us get to know each other better

ok this is me, the author.

this is him, my love.
(just ignore the half-faced girl beside him)

this is us.
(on our solemnization day)

this is her, our precious.
(pic taken on the birth day)


hi there all dear families & friends. salaam to you. this is my second time blogging as the first try did not work out as i wish. i hope this time it will, insyaAllahu Ta'ala. thanks to k.rozy who encouraged me to create my own blog. you can view/read her blog here. this blog will tell you all about myself, my family, my passion, my activities and etc. basically, it will be all about me and what i wish to blog about. so, please read on and make yourselves at home. suggestion and comments are very much welcome. till then, wassalam.