Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day, 23rd April 2011 - Saturday

i would love to wish a happy earth day to all of us. let us take brilliant action to save our earth for our own benefits. start 3R - recycle, reuse & reduce. use only natural substance in most of our daily activities. practice natural parenting; breastfeeding, cloth diapering and babywearing. here are my practices for natural living and natural parenting in support of healthy and green living:-
  • breastfeeding (i fully support bf even-though my baby has quit)
  • cloth diapering (to reduce the accumulation of disposable diaper which hard to ravel)
  • babywearing
  • bring own tapau to buy food (to reduce usage of polystyrene)
  • bring own recycle bag to buy groceries (to reduce usage of plastic bag)
  • use cloth pad (for mother's health - will write on this soon)
  • cooked own meal
so peeps, care to share yours? let me know yah! cheers.

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