Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers / Lampin Kain / Lampin Moden

cloth diaper (cd)! haven't you heard? what's on earth is that? it's a new revolution to the traditional nappy (lampin) which were used by our mother and grands in the pass. it serves like a disposable diapers but can be washed and reused. got the picture so far? there are varities of cd can be chosen in the market lately i.e. pocket cd, AIO, AI2 and etc. be it in solid colour, printed, velcro or snap button. a cd basically comes with a cover and insert or soaker. the cover is made of fleece (a stay-dry soft material which touch the baby skin) and PUL (a waterprfoof material for the outter layer which prevent cd from any leak). the insert/soaker is made from high absorbency material such as microfibre, hemp and bamboo.

how to use? please refer below. it is easy peasy. 

1. insert the soaker into the diaper pocket

2. snap the soaker button (you may notice some cd come with button for the soaker to stay in place)

3. adjust to desired size which suits your baby

4. put on the biodegradable nappy liner (it is to protect the cd from badly soiled if baby do poo)

5. tadaaaa...ready to use

allright peeps, that's it for now. will continue to blog on cd again. for my friends who are curious about it, hope this help (hth). cheers.

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