Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 9th month birthday Dhia!

it's 21st today. it have been nine month since dhia was born. hmm... how fast time flies, that is how fast dhia grows. i'll miss this moment very soon when i still can babywear her. lots of love to our dearest dhia. ummi & abi pray that you will grow as a 'solehah' daughter.

if you read this one sweet day, here ummi would love to record some of your achievement so far;
  • starts bubbling and mumbling mamamama...babababa...nananana...dadadadada...
  • sits steadily
  • crawls fastly
  • stands by holding onto something
  • turns your head when you name is being  called
  • throw tantrums when ummi or abi leaves you for a while
  • shift things you hold from one hand to another
  • throw things away and pick it up and throw it again
  • waves goodbye
  • eats a lot
  • yet to teeth
  • you are having a fever today but recovering
that's all ummi can recall for this while. will add some more if i do miss anything.

ummi & abi