Monday, April 18, 2011

bye-bye Ergo :-(

bought it from during sales. it was such a great deal! the price was including postage from US to M'sia. had a wonderful time babywearing dhia in this ergo. such a very comfy bw gadget gear. the embroidered body panel makes it such a beauty. wearing dhia feel weightless. i can either wear dhia on the hip or on the waist to sit dhia a bit higher. it helped us a lot when we were travelling. here are some pics of us in our beloved ergo.

but now, ergo already went to a new home with so much love. bye-bye our beloved ergo. hope it will serve the new mama to the fullest!


  1. this ergo has served well to the new owner, and will be getting lots of love for a looooong time. Since the new owner is not a bwholics like us..she will definitely stick to ONE carrier only. :)

  2. glad to here that..but sad at heart.. :(