Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dhia is 10-month-old!

I missed 4 days.
My bad, yes I admit.
But, I corrected.
*Knocked my own head*
Forgot to bring Dhia for her 10th month routine check-up.
Brought her yesterday evening after work. (Klinik Suria)
She's active as always.
Loves to crawl on the clinic's waiting bench.

Some updates:
  • Weighing 8kg
  • Height is 76cm
  • More more active
  • Claps both hands
  • Shaking the head (to say no/don't want)
  • Crawls even faster
  • Baby-walking
  • More syllable
  • Calls me mimimimimimi :D
  • Attached to Abi
  • Loves books
  • Eats soft rice
  • Recognize faces

You just grow very fast my love. Hugs.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hot in town - Maysaa scarf created by Hana Tajima, also the hijabies fashion designer to Malaysian fresh artist - Yuna. Most of hijabies now been bitten by the Hana Tajima's hijab's style bug. Ok, curiousity kills a cat. Curiuosity also driven myself to try this hijab from Maysaa.

 Yuna & Hana Tajima

I bought with a friend from Maysaa website. Was excited at first. Actually just curious to know how special the hijab is to make every woman crazy about it. And, the most important fact is, I want to see my face in the hijab. Here it is:

Laugh. No problemo. It's just so easy to wear it. Zipper at the inner back and the shawl attached to it, I just don't need a single pin! It's one size fits all. But, no matter how easy it is, IMHO (in my honest opinion) this just doesn't suit me. Hehehe. I looked alien to me with this hijab. Fullstop.

In short, Hana is what she is. Yuna as well. They both just simply gorgeous. Even if they wear un-ironed hijab, they'll definitely look utmost fine. Me? Question mark. "Orang sudah memang cantik, pakai apa pun cantik. Tidak semestinya kalau kita ikut fesyen yang cantik tu, kita terus jadi cantik. Magika".

Now, this hijab is serving another hijabi sister. Hope it will get much more love!

Written without prejudice ><

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Opt for Cloth Diaper?

Benefits of Cloth Diapers:-

  • Healthy for little one as CD does not contain any chemical which can be found in disposable diapers.
  • Economical & great value for money as CD can be washed and reused.
  • Easy to use as it comes with snap button and velcro. No more diaper pins! 
  • Comfortable and kind to baby's tender skin. There is no diaper so soft as CD.
  • Child's potty training will start earlier.
  • Available in one size (OS) or all in one (AIO) which is one diaper is adjustable from newborn until toddlerhood.
  • Can be used from one child to another. Hence, saving for parents with many children.
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly.
  • Environmental or eco friendly as we do not generate more disposable diaper garbage which will take years to biodegrade.
  • Veriety of choices and designs, be it snap button, velcro, solid colour or even printed.
  • Resellable as pre-loved and the demand is high.

Monday, May 2, 2011