Monday, July 4, 2011

SSC Review/Comparison JumpSac (JS) & Snuggbaby (SB)

JumpSac SSC Camo on Black
Snuggbaby SSC Eva Paisley on Khaki
JumpSac Baby Orbit Camo on Black.
Snuggbaby The Stork 2010 Eva Paisley on Khaki.

JS: RM309
SB: RM315
1st Impression when opening the parcel:

Both: Whoaa sangat cantik dan menawan kalbu. Workmanship both superb!

Waktu bukak & telek2:
JS: Sturdy, light & a bit stiff.
SB: Sturdy, light & soft.

Prints & Color:
Both: Suka.
(JS tu beli of course la beli mana yang suka. SB tu menang contest mestilah suka jugak)

Both: Standard. More or less the same.

JS: Webbing keeper, sleeping hood & slip pocket at waist strap.
SB: Webbing keeper, sleeping hood & dust cover (err..scratch head).

Wearing wise:

JS: Great for both FC & BC. FC: Worn DD on hip cause kalau tak mengganggu pandangan. BC: worn DD on waist so as dia tak tenggelam dlm kegelapan SSC tu as the body panel is still quiet high for DD. I cinched the shoulder strap sampai abes to get a good snug which is really comfy. DD’s weight is evenly spread between both shoulders. Thus, giving me no strain at all after long hours babywearing. Talking on heat, still tolerable.
SB: IMHO, great for FC. Same as JS, worn on hip to give mummy clear vision. BC: worn on waist. But because of this SSC is kinda soft, I am not confident wearing DD on my back. I do cinched sampai abis but DD macam bergoyang2 kat belakang (IYKWIM). Tak pandai nak explain. Also, no shoulder strain as the weight is spread evenly. As JS, we both can tolerate the heat.

My own verdict:

I love SSC. SSC is godsend for long trips. JS new version is great and fulfil my needs of a SSC. Sturdy and giving me more confidence. Chewah.  ITOH, the SB is from the 2010 collection not the newly enhanced 2011 The Stork. IMHO, this SB SSC is suitable for smaller/lighter babies as the body panel and straps are soft. But, I think I need to try the new version of SB SSC lah. Want to know how it feels. For both, sleeping hood tak guna pun sebab DD jarang sangat tido kalau di carry sekarang. She loves to see the surrounding and people around.

That is the end of my review. I know I am not good at reviewing. Pardon me. Review ni pun dah lama hutang kat sini. Hope this helps!

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  1. salam sis..nk tanya..kat mne bli jumpsas army printed tu? sy cari tp semua dah out of stock...