Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Countdown to 1 ^__^

Dhia is 11 month-old today. She cut 2 teeths.

She's more active climbing up & down sofa & bed. She can do flying kiss & keep quiet sign. Enjoys throwing thing such as remote control, toys and especially ummi's handphone canggih cabuk. Oh yes Dhia can now stand hands-freely. Action some more. In times, she do ask people to play with her. She can imitate peoples' laugh as well, so cute! Her hair is longer & curlier. More vocabs came out from her mouth and now she sits on high chair which used to be her Mak Su's.

A few pictures taken tonight.

Ummi & Abi love the last picture. We love you more everyday.


  1. ini kn bju yg ala2 cupcakes tu..?hehe..dhia big gal ody...=)

  2. yup, ummi love baby gap pyjamas!!

  3. eeiii comeiiii... gigi rabbit!!
    Husna ada ada 4 atas 2 bawah..