Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Won A Contest \\o// at Suri's Cupcakes

End of last month, a friend of mine, Suriati owner of was organizing a contest to guess what is the next/new product or project at Suri's Cupcakes. There's neither entry required nor any other rules. Contestant only need to guess/answer at the comment part of the entry. And the best part was you may guess how many time/answer you wish. Details of the contest here.

So I went guessing 2 times. Lucky me, I got the answer correct. Yay!! The prize is 16pcs of cupcakes from Suri Cupcakes. The winner announcement here. The winning answer is "Pop Cakes".

Sharing pictures of cupcakes from Suri's Cupcakes - for your eye candy.

Suri's Cupcakes also offers Apam Dotted.

Have not redeem the prize but I am thinking of adding the 16pcs cuppies to my order for Dhia's birthday at the end of this month. Thanks Suri's Cupcakes!

If you interested to order what Suri has to offer. Do check the blog.

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