Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NinazCakes Red Velvet Cuppies at Little Pen

I've been craving for Red Velvet for long. Be it the cake or the cuppy. I just can't resist reading bloggers' entries and review on how delicious it is. Been searching and asking around Labuan for it. But there's no bakery, cake shop or home-bakers who bake it here in Labuan. *Sigh*

Then I found Ninazcakes. The owner is a cyber friend of mine. Guess what? She offered me to be her cuppy tester. She wanted to test how the cuppy will end up if being posted via courier service. Lucky me! Thanks a zillion to Nina for giving me this opportunity to try your cuppy for free! You are just awesome!

Posted: 1st July 2011 (Friday)
Courier: Poslaju Malaysia
From: Kajang, Selangor
Destination: Labuan
Arrived: 4th July 2011 (Monday) @ 1300hrs

Usually Poslaju from Klang Valley area will only take 1 day to arrive Labuan. But because last Saturday was the 1st Saturday of the month, Poslaju was not open. Hence, the cuppies were resting at the Poslaju for two days. I also have no idea what was the parcel when I received a text message from Poslaju asking me to collect as I was away in oversea Brunei last weekend. I can't help myself telling you that I was thrilled to the max. Nina, it was like a surprise to me.

Sharing the pictures.

Un-opened parcel
The cake box
The cake conatiner inside the box
Biz card & special note from Ninazcakes
2 containers of cuppies *homaigod*
1st container with the cream cheese topping
2nd container
I lop U by me
Not artistic enough..LOL

I got 21pcs of cuppies with extra cream cheese topping! Here's my simple review:

2 conatiners full of cuppies and cream cheese in piping bag stacked together and bubble-wrapped two rounds. The conatiners were then put in a box filled with foam. The box was wrapped with 'kertas minyak'. This packing method is perfect to ensure the cuppies were intact. Nina told me that packaging itself added 200gm to the whole weight. It sure cost her sky high.

Try it yourself and you won't regret it. Moist and tender. The cream cheese topping was an added value to it. Made it much much more irresistible. It was still yummylicious after checking-in at Poslaju office for 2 nights.

Again, thanks NinazCakes for the opportunity. To those who don't believe how yummy it is, try place your order at

Now NinazCakes is holding a fund raising for her friend, Syahr El Aziz. Lend your helping hand.


  1. wowwwwwwwww review yg best ruby!! :)
    sibek okay lg kan cream cheese tu.

  2. hahaha...skrg mode mengreview konon2...haah...seb bek leh mkn lg maybe poslaju simpan dlm esbok...

  3. Very good! I think that you have done a great job! FANTASTIC!!!!

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  4. thanks for the great review ruby! menyampah tengok cuppies tu berbukak hahahaa