Monday, July 4, 2011

NeezaNeedels Buckle Tie Review

NeezaNeedles Buckle Tie (BT) – Custom Made
Print: Night Owls by Micheal Miller

RM130 (as I provide the fabric)

1st Impression when opening the parcel:
Cantik & cute sangat. :love:  Dah lama mengidam print ni. Workmanship is superb! :nod:

Body Panel: Height: 20” incl. 4” of waist strap. Width: 17”
Strap: 4” wide

Webbing keeper, high-quality buckle, detachable hoodie hood & chest strap (Neeza bg FOC).

My own story:

This BT is my custom. At first I want to order Mei-Tai just to give it a try as I’ve never try one before. Then before I placed the other, Neeza came out with her new products that is BT. Hence, I opted to custom a BT. Takut kalau MT nanti tak terbelit diriku ini. Masa sampai, bukak the parcel and see the BT is quite big for my baby. Then try it, memang betul DD nampak hidung saja. Muehehehehe…  :poke: Memula try backpack style, ok but the strap is tending to slip. After that I tried crossing the strap at my back. Better! Then try back carry, DD did not really like it as she could not arm out & the body panel is too high for her. I carry DD once in public with this BT. She was calm even though she was sinking inside it.

My verdict:

NN BT is great version of an enhanced Mei-Tai. A great substitute for a MT lover who does not favor tying and doing knot. Also, suitable for bigger & taller baby. I suggest 10kg up. Depends on how high your baby is. The lightly padded shoulder strap is an added value to it. But, petite mommies will need to custom for petite strap. As the name told, this BT does not have padded waist. Just a lightly padded one and you can custom a non-padded waist too if you want. Sadly, my baby is still small for the BT. Hence, it is sold to a sweet friend of mine. Maybe I was impatient to see DD grows. :dunno:

End of review. Just my 2cents. Tak berapa pandai ‘mengreview’ sebenarnya. Ini pun hutang lama jugak. Calling for other mamas who have tried NN BT to put up their review in this thread. TIA.  :goodvibes:

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