Monday, June 13, 2011

Babywearing Daddy Rocks!!!

Must share the load. Daddies must support babywearing too. Again, babywearing is such a gift to parent. Take a stand, babywearing is a way of life. Lets drool on some pictures from google.

Brad Pitt
Twilight’s Cam Gigandet
Orlando Bloon in Ergo
Again, Pirate of the Carribean in Ergo
Not my intention to share the celebs babywearing picture though. But for some odd reason, few people do not believe in babywearing. So now my DH's (darling hubby) babywearing piccas. Daddy can help attend the baby while mummy busy doing the shopping. *WINK*

DH in Kanga J from Bloo Kangaroo
DH in Camo on Black from JumpSac
DH ♥ ♥ ♥ his Camo!
So why wait? encourage your darling hubbies to babywear sooner!
Browse here for more droolworthy babywearing daddies piccas:


  1. sapa bilang married man lost their style? dis is much stylo baby wif a stylish!!

  2. echoing u suri suria...babywearing is stylo!