Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dhia is 10-month-old!

I missed 4 days.
My bad, yes I admit.
But, I corrected.
*Knocked my own head*
Forgot to bring Dhia for her 10th month routine check-up.
Brought her yesterday evening after work. (Klinik Suria)
She's active as always.
Loves to crawl on the clinic's waiting bench.

Some updates:
  • Weighing 8kg
  • Height is 76cm
  • More more active
  • Claps both hands
  • Shaking the head (to say no/don't want)
  • Crawls even faster
  • Baby-walking
  • More syllable
  • Calls me mimimimimimi :D
  • Attached to Abi
  • Loves books
  • Eats soft rice
  • Recognize faces

You just grow very fast my love. Hugs.

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